Pool Water Heater and Heat Pump

We only sell and install water heaters and heat pumps – we don’t repair.

We sell and install different types of pool water heaters. We have electric and heat pump systems.

Since our summers are not very long, Les Entreprises Jean Milord understands that you want to enjoy your outdoor pool earlier in the season till later after. This is why we offer pool water heater sale and installation. Above all, we help you make the best choice of pool heater for the period you plan to use it.

Water heater or heat pump for my pool?

There is a significant difference between the price of an electric (element) pool water heater and a pool heat pump. You should know that if the initial price of the heat pump is significantly higher than the electrical system, its energy consumption is much lower if you want to enjoy a higher water temperature throughout the season. On the other hand, if you want to heat your water only at the beginning and the end of the season, an electric element pool heater may be the right choice even if it consumes a lot more electricity. Our pool experts, who are familiar with owners’ experiences and usage of heated pools, will inform you about the characteristics of each product and will be happy to offer you valuable advice for the choice of your pool heating system.

A wide choice of water heaters and heat pumps

We offer efficient and reliable water heater brands including ValTherm, Hayward-Summit, Trident, Waterco, Pentair, Jacuzzi and Jandy. We also offer professional installation services that ensure you hours of comfortable swimming to your taste!

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