Concrete In-Ground Swimming Pool


Summer is not just at our doorsteps: it is here all right! It will be warm over the coming days, and you have every intention to get into your first swim of the season.The pool is not yet ready yet. The thought of all the tasks you have to perform to lift it out of its hibernation period hangs heavy in your schedule, and you feel like entrusting them to a professional: just call on Les Entreprises Jean Milord. He will empty and clean your pool in the spring, and can even do so every year. He also offers this service to businesses.

Conscientious as ever, he will examine your pool’s condition and carry out a pressure test to detect leaks if needed and, in the same breath, locate cracks. And, of course, he will seal all such cracks.

If necessary, he may also replace filtration system components and either repair or reconstruct failed, broken, worn-out or obsolete pool components or parts.

Does your swimming pool need a major remodeling? If so, you can count on Les Entreprises Jean Milord to submit it to complete renovation; he will even have the concrete re-poured if needed.

Jean Milord carved out his reputation based on meticulousness and high-quality work, but also his ability: you have to see the magnificent results he has proudly produced…

Inground pool repair

Entreprises Jean Milord’s team will accomplish each phase of your pool repair project with great accuracy and thoroughness. We have all the necessary resources and knowledge to successfully renovate your inground pool.

Fresh paint !

A wide range of colours for your pool’s quality coating.


Nice tiles !

Entreprises Jean Milord presents a large variety of ceramic tiles for concrete inground swimming pools.