Inground Concrete Pool Renovation and Repair


Our expertise: contractor in partial or complete renovation and repair of inground concrete pool.

Our conscientious team will check the condition of your pool and perform the required pressure tests to detect leaks and cracks. We can also replace your filtration system if necessary and even rebuild parts of your pool that are either damaged or outdated. We can add new steps, new lights, new drains and skimmers.

We have the proper equipment to remove faded paint with sandblast.

You can also give your pool a rejuvenating cure by having us change the ceramic tiles. We have a wide range of tiles as well as paint choices.

Inground Pool Repairs

Les entreprises Jean Milord performs each step of your inground pool repair project with rigour and meticulousness.

Our team has the resources and experience to renovate your inground pool.

Fresh Paint !

Interior Inground Pool !